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Insulated Conductor Systems U10 and FABA 100

The VAHLE insulated conductor systems have been a proven and reliable means for the energy transmission of production lines in the automotive industry for decades. Individual compact hangers as well as mounting accessories enable you to easily adapt the system to your track layout even during assembly.

Safety is our number one priority. A special protective conductor guarantees trouble-free and accident-free maintenance.

Our tried and tested finished parts storage allows for short-term and unscheduled delivery.

Capacity: 10 - 100 A.

Insulated Conductor Systems U15 - U40

Mobile applications, be it gantry cranes, loading bridges, elevators or roller shutters, need energy. VAHLE's unipole-insulated conductor systems are available in a wide variety of designs that are tailored to your needs.

The conductor systems U15 to U35 are particularly easy to maintain due to their open design. For use in harsh environments, the conductor is made of aluminium with a stainless-steel surface.

Capacity: 10 - 1250 A.

The heavy construction types U20 to U40 are particularly suitable for use in galvanizing plants, pickling plants, pressing plants, etc.

Capacity: 60 - 1000 A.


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