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Compact Conductor System VKS

Skid systems are the preferred conveyor for assembly tasks.

Our VKS is a compact conductor system, which ensures safe and problem-free power supply even in unfavorable conditions. Safety comes first. A special protective conductor guarantees trouble-free and accident-free maintenance.

Compact conductor system VKS10

In high-bay warehouses the place in the lanes is usually very narrow. Goods are stored or removed from the shelves in a very short time by means of shelf operating devices. The VAHLE compact conductor systems have been developed precisely for these requirements. The VKS10 can be simply clipped into a supporting profile. This allows the conductor system to be mounted directly to your shelf rails. This saves you costly and expensive auxiliary constructions.

VAHLE Multi support Profile VMT

The VAHLE Multi Support Profile is tailored to the most varied requirements of bottom-guided storage and conveyor systems, such as stacker cranes and moving units. The VAHLE Multi Support Profile can be quickly and easily equipped with the different VAHLE conductor systems.


Online trade is booming and the diversity of products is increasing while the unit quantities tend to become smaller. The intralogistics industry requires increasingly dynamic storage solutions. This is where shuttle systems and automated small parts warehouses are gaining increasing popularity.

The new VCL (VAHLE COMPACT LINE) compact conductor system is available as a two- or three-pole version and offers maximum flexibility. Combining these two conductor rails allows up to 6-pole conductor systems to be realized, which are extremely versatile. 

In addition to the power supply for the shuttle technology, the VCL is also ideally suited for use in SPW and pallet AS/RS applications as well as other compact moving and transfer cars applications in the small and medium power range up to 100 A.

VCL for shuttle applications

Whether it is for single-level, multi-level or multi-shuttle vehicles of all sizes, the VCL, in 2- or 3-pole design, stands out for its ultra-compact design.

    • Individually adaptable to your application by means of compact hangers
    • Various combinations and mounting solutions
    • Simple and fast plug & play installation with just a few components
    • Suitable for highly dynamic high-speed applications
    • The extremely compact design allows installation within a shuttle travel profile

VCL für storage and retrieval systems

By combining a two- and three-pole VCL, the compact conductor system can also be used in automatic small parts warehouses or even in pallet warehouses. Easily and quickly installed in the VAHLE VMT support profile, this variant stands out for its wide hanger spacing, perfect system protection and great variability for all warehouse technology mounting profiles.

    • The modular system offers a wide range of solutions for various applications, 4-/6-pole / 40–100 A / 12–500 V
    • Simple, fast and largely tool-free installation with just a few components
    • Various combinations and mounting solutions (screw and clamping consoles for all common upright profiles)
    • Safe mechanical protection of the conductor system by support profile
    • Large support distance up to 3.5 meters
    • Integration of optical travel sensor and positioning systems
    • Ideal for high-speed applications


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