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VAHLE is optimizing its online shop and turning it into the Customer Hub

New functions for intelligent project planning & sourcing tool

Redesigned user interface and design and download of 3D models online in stp format

Order tracking and reordering of spare parts without extensive article searches

The new VAHLE Customer Hub in Action

Kamen, November 15th 2019 - The Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG has upgraded its proven customer portal "VAHLE Customer Hub" with new functions. At the same time an ordering platform and an intelligent online project planning tool, the browser-based application is an innovative alternative to the usual e-catalogue. Customers can use it to configure VAHLE systems and order components for the electrification of their systems. Since the upgrade, the user interface has become more user-friendly. Other new features include the ability to track shipments, easily reorder spare parts without having to search for articles and download 3D CAD models in stp format.

“Our online shop is no longer just a simply a purchasing tool. It’s a customer portal bundling all the information and calculations for electrification solutions needed for an order in one online application,” says Achim Dries, CEO of Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG. “As soon as our customers have registered using their login, they can use the portal any time, day or night. More than 50,000 articles - from insulated, open and compact conductor to safety conductor systems and many other systems such as charging contacts - are available to the customer there. They can either be ordered individually or combined to form systems. The project planning tool then automatically generates material lists, calculations and quotations.

The VAHLE web shop has been redesigned to improve performance and user-friendliness. "We have increased design options and flexibility and made it easier to order spare parts. The focus was clearly on usability," says Dries.

Starting now, not only can these project plans be saved and viewed in the individual customer area, but spare parts can be reordered based on previous orders without the need for an item search, and the shipment digitally tracked. There are 3D CAD models available for a range of products groups that are subsequently available for download in stp-file format. Previous features such as item search, availabilities and standard delivery times as well as project planning with and without electrical calculation are of course still available.

Via interface, the shopping cart is delivered to VAHLE's ERP system and the order is directly processed and dispatched. The following link will bring you to the VAHLE Customer Hub