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VAHLE ensures energy supply for the logistic infrastructure as key industries

Mobile industrial applications are essential in many supply processes. Supply chains for production in Kamen and Dortmund remain fully intact. Protection of employees has top priority


Ohne zuverlässige Stromversorgung stehen viele mobile Industrieanwendungen wie Regalbediengeräte in automatisierten Kleinteilelagern (AKL) still. (Foto VAHLE)

Many hospitals use driverless transport systems for internal logistics, which must be supplied with energy. (Photo: DS AUTOMOTION GmbH)

Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG supports the supply processes of many key industries as a system provider for mobile industrial applications.  The Kamen-based company's innovative energy and data transmission systems are an important component of numerous intralogistic processes. In automated cold storages for food, in crane and port technology or for transport systems within hospitals, VAHLE products reliably deliver energy for mobile consumers. Thus, VAHLE operates accordingly to a fixed emergency plan which is intended to safeguard operative business activities as well as production and supply chains. To protect the health of its own personnel, special hygiene and safety measures have been implemented.

"Our technology is the heart of numerous automated processes in areas that are crucial for the basic supply of society," explains Achim Dries, Managing Director at VAHLE. " For this reason, we are doing everything possible to ensure that our partners can keep supplying people with food, pharmaceuticals and other essential goods during the Corona crisis". After all, a reliable energy supply is essential for the operation of automated logistics warehouses, crane systems or other mobile industrial applications. VAHLE system applications are also used in port technology and at a well-known University Clinic.

" If the energy supply is interrupted, the entire supply system may not implode immediately, but without the automated processes it would slow down dramatically," says Dries. In order to prevent such bottlenecks, the employees are working at full steam. Special hygiene and precautionary measures, such as home office, flexible working hours and reduced staff density, protect the health of the staff and minimize the risk of infection.

At the current time, the supply chains for the manufacturing processes in Kamen and Dortmund are not affected. "We are confident that we will be able to maintain our production as well as maintenance and services under the given circumstances", reports Dries. The international subsidiaries also have enough storage capacity to ensure local supply for the time being. Partners and suppliers can also inform themselves about the current situation on the website or via the VAHLE newsletter.

"A very special thank-you to our employees and of course to everyone else in the supermarkets, the trucks, the logistics centres, the pharmacies, to the doctors and hospital stuff as well as elsewhere, who push the limits every day in order to maintain a bit of normality and security for our society. May they all remain healthy," says Dries.