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VAHLE conductor system ensures reliable energy supply in the new CLAAS warehouse

• About one kilometer of conductor system installed in new high-bay warehouse

• System scores with reliability, scalability and compact design

• Simple installation thanks to VAHLE support profile with up to 4.5 m suspension distance


Seit Dezember 2019 ist das neue vollautomatische Lager der CLAAS Service and Parts GmbH in Betrieb. (Bild: CLAAS)

The new high-bay warehouse is supplied with energy by VAHLE conductor systems. (Picture: CLAAS)

Inside view the new CLAAS logistics centre in Hamm-Uentrop. (Picture: CLAAS)

Kamen, February 27th 2020 - The Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG ensures the energy supply in the new spare parts warehouse of the agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS in Hamm-Uentrop in Germany. About one kilometer of VAHLE conductor systems were installed in the nine aisles of the automatic high-bay warehouse. The conductor system type VKS 10 was specially designed for applications with particularly narrow space conditions. For example, it can be clipped into a support profile and directly mounted to the uprights of the racks, thus eliminating the need for complex and expensive additional constructions. The system is also scalable and very robust.

"A reliable power supply is essential for automated warehouses. If the energy supply system does not function properly, malfunctions or even breakdowns of the system can be the result. This can be expensive and should be prevented," says Achim Dries, Managing Director of VAHLE Group. In CLAAS' new spare parts warehouse which operates seven days a week, a reliable power supply around the clock is essential. To ensure this, the decision was made in favour of the compact VKS 10 conductor system, because long-life carbon brushes make the solution very robust and thus form the basis for continuous operation of the warehouse.

The new fully automated warehouse of CLAAS Service and Parts GmbH is in operation since December 2019. The 11,700 square metre facility in Hamm-Uentrop has been equipped with a nine-aisle 30-metre-high high-bay warehouse and the related AS/RS units. The 58,000 storage spaces for mesh pallets and pallets form the logistical heart of the facility. The nine DAMBACH storage systems Mono stacker cranes, each with two load handling devices, store and retrieve the spare parts and transfer them in sets to the EMS vehicles, which supply the picking stations. The system thus enables particularly dynamic handling of the transport units. A further advantage of this design is that aisles, levels and the number of storage and retrieval machines can be easily extended as performance increases.  In addition, an electric monorail system (EMS) was installed as a pre-zone loop. The 350-meter-long EMS is also powered by a VAHLE U10 conductor system.

The connector technology enables simple and fast conversions and extensions. "The compact conductor system is a multifunctional solution for continuous energy supply, which we can configure individually according to various requirements and even " Industry 4.0 ready", says Dries. The VKS10 can be optionally equipped with a positioning system and data communication without additional steel construction. Another advantage of the VKS 10 is its easy installation - all mounting variants can be implemented here. "This is a crucial factor in the rapidly growing logistics environment, where space is still limited," concludes Dries.

The general contractor Unitechnik System GmbH, which was commissioned by CLAAS, was responsible for the overall implementation of the new warehouse construction.