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16 apprentices start their career at VAHLE

Young people start in seven different professions

Kamener Hidden Champion has been training commercial staff for 50 years

Modern training centre offers space for testing and learning


Achim Dries (links), Geschäftsführer der Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG, begrüßt die neuen Auszubildenden

-Kamen, 1st August 2019 - At the beginning of the new apprenticeship year, Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG welcomed 16 new apprentices today. Two prospective electronics technicians for devices and systems, one IT specialist, two warehouse specialists, three production mechanics, five industrial salesmen, one industrial mechanic and two technical product designers are starting their careers at the Kamen-based industrial company. The hidden champion in the field of power and data transmission scores particularly well with young people for the quality of his apprenticeship, demanding activities and good general conditions such as payment according to the German metalworkers' union (IG Metall) tariff and a 35-hour week. The fact that VAHLE takes a lot of time for the career starters is shown by the welcome days at the beginning of the apprenticeship as well as a teambuilding event at the end of August.

"We are delighted to once again be accompanying so many young people on their first steps on their career path," says Achim Dries, Managing Director of Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG. Again, and again the number of job applications exceeds the training capacities of the Kamen-based company. In order to make it possible for as many people as possible to enter working life, VAHLE is now training more apprentices than they need for the first time. "Those who do their apprenticeship with us have excellent prospects. Here we are laying the foundation for a successful career," says Dries.

Kamener Hidden Champion has been training commercial staff for 50 years

VAHLE offers apprenticeships in seven professions: Electronics technician for devices and systems, IT specialist, specialist for warehouse logistics or specialist warehouse clerk, production mechanic, industrial salesmen, industrial mechanic and product designer. After 50 years, the hidden champion has already paved more than 500 career pathways. In this year, the commercial training celebrates its 50th anniversary: In 1969, the first prospective clerks were hired. The industrial apprenticeship started already in the early 1960s.

Modern training centre offers space for testing and learning


Practical training usually takes place in Kamen. Theoretical knowledge is acquired by the apprentices at the technical colleges in Hamm, Unna and Witten. They can apply their knowledge directly in the training centre that was modernised and enlarged at the headquarters in 2018. Apprentices in industrial professions work there together on various products as part of the factory training. In this way, VAHLE promotes their understanding of production workflows. "The trainees of today are the skilled workers of tomorrow. As a training company, we offer them an infrastructure that promotes their individual skills," says Dries.

VAHLE assigns them responsibility at an early stage in order to prepare them well for their future jobs. They have the opportunity to implement their own projects, for example films as part of the " Heroes in Education " competition organised by the Unna District Economic Development Agency. Apprentice and future industrial salewoman Jennifer Hufer appreciate this. Hufer also emphasizes the good framework conditions that VAHLE offers them: "Few of my classmates at the technical college have a 35hrs-week like me". In addition to payment according to the metalworkers' union (IG Metall) tariff, the trainees receive additional benefits if required, such as an apprentice ticket for local public transport.

Young people start in seven different professions

For the 16 new apprentices, there are now initially four welcome days on the program. On these days they get to know the company and receive their safety clothing. Another highlight in the coming weeks will be the team-building event with a canoe tour on the Ruhr River on 26th August.


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