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RTG Electrification

The loading and unloading of ships, the “stopover” of the containers at the port and the distribution by rail and truck – all of this is the logistical feat of modern ports. Any disruption or standstill to this process has large financial impacts. To avoid these disruptions, VAHLE has introduced a revolutionary product – the eRTG system. 

VAHLE eRTG systems are installed in the narrow container alleyways and provide power via VAHLE conductor rail. These systems allow eRTGs to handle containers faster and safer than any diesel powered system.

The shifting of containers is managed faster, safer and in a more targeted manner - absolutely reliable and with low maintenance efforts, regardless of the weather. Power and data transmission and positioning systems are included as well.

Green ports are the ports of the future - VAHLE already takes all this into account with the ERTGs:

Noise and CO2 emissions of diesel powered systems are a thing of the past. The operation of our system with electricity is quiet, effective and ecological.

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